Greg Skinner
Software Developer

Apple, Android, Nook, Kindle, Windows Mobile

Lilys Play House - 4 great games for kids up to 6 years old. There’s a piano to play, a matching characters game, animal sounds, and making funny faces.

Lilys Play House II - 4 new games to play. The pipes for music, 3 and 4 letter word spelling game, learning math game, and the tap-tap game.

Lilys Play House III - 4 new games in the play house series. Learn how to tell time, more funny faces, word search, and a slid puzzle.

PENSAR - A word puzzle game

Chickens VS. Zombies - Help the chicken  catch the eggs but watch out for the zombies

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Spend hours in the Kids Play House

(Kids Fun House - iPad) with 5 great games for kids!

Rhyme and match

State Capitols

Math Games

Slid Puzzle

Elevator Dash

Mission Control - There are 500 solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy similar to ours. Your job as Commander of this mission is to find life on other planets and make contact. Good luck!!! Coming Soon - the winter of 2015 for Apple, Android, Nook, Kindle, and Windows Mobile.

31 Days - What happens when the relationship

gets past the infatuation stage? The 31 day

marriage app is the first app that allows you to test your compatibility with a potential

partner based on their personality type. Will your relationship last? Coming soon - the winter of 2015 for Apple, Android, Nook, Kindle, and Windows Mobile.

Elevator Dash - Climb 70 floors avoiding elevators and other obstacles. A fun and challenging intense and fast paced game, coming to iPads/Android Tablets in the Fall of 2014.